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Haf, Haf! Rather HI!

My name is Dantte, but they call me Dantík (do not knot why because I have growed up to the knocker ) and I welcome you on this pages.

How it has began everything... . It was April 2007, Easter celebrations Mistress Lucka and master Vašek came to my house in Prague where I have been there living together with my mother. They where watching others still small puppies, I was running around them and trying to won their's hearts – and it managed. They did not stand up at me and great decision has been done. Hurray – they will take me to the new home at Hradec Králové. So that the trip by car has been waiting for me. I was rather afraid but it was not so difficult. My new masters has been wery kind to me, still talking to me and fondling my jacket. And suddenly we have been on new place.

Lovely family house, large garden, behind the fence some dogfriend, I would say I will be happy here. And I am. We are going for a walk to near by forest or on opposite side to the river, I like i wery much. My neighbour dogfriend is black hovaward and her name is Bela, so that we are going for a walk together. When we stay at home so just for the heck of it we are talking and running around the fence there and back.

Of course I have to watch over everything I am good at it lying on the terrace and having good outlook. It is really difficult job so sometimes my eye-lids are heavy and my masters laugh on my account. But it is not truth, I am all the time on the alert.

And now I have to show off. My masters are going with me for exhibitions and I am quite successful. Already I have several cups, diplomas and medals at home. How about it, mainly lovely bitchs. will you come to see me? I would like to have nice and beautiful puppies and to be responsible for extension of our rare, magnificient and uncommon breed.

So do not hesitate, I am looking forvard very much.

Greetings from Dantte